A.V. Phibes (avphibes) wrote,
A.V. Phibes

At long last...

Okay, so at the beginning of October I embarked on the project of redoing the Evilkid Store with a bunch of new products. After awhile I seemed kind of insurmountable what with all the new inventory data that had to be entered in the system, learning how to use the heat and mug press, designing everything, ordering garments and getting the screenprinting done, designing tags, determining packaging and whatnot...but me and mike finally got it all (mostly) done in time for holiday shopping and my few impending ads coming out.

We still plan on doing a better photo shoot so everything is shown better and we can have "real" pictures of the apparel. I also want to design a few more products now that everything is more functional.

Also, may I note, it is freezing in here. I need to get richer so I can get one of those high-tech apartments where I can actually control the temperature, then, so help me god, it will be like working in a sauna all winter long. My reptilian blood will no longer be subjected to this harsh environment!

Also, Me and the Moll are plugging away on Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School which looks like it's going the be sweet like sugar.

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