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2008 year in review

So, in much the same trend as the previous two years, my first inclination was to say that 2008 sucked ass. Again, it would seem that even a suck-ass year is still a pretty good year for me. I decided to take the pursuit of mental health more seriously as the year progressed and so things should be looking up.

I got to travel around a bit. I got to go dogsledding in Quebec, swimming in the Hamptons, wine-tasting in Napa Valley and gallivanting in the Pacific NorthWest. I played tourist here in New York all summer and learned a lot about the city history. I got to eat a lot of good food. I also got to be in a very fun off-broadway play.

Unfortunately, I did not win the lottery, but considering last years resolution to "be more incognito," even if I did win the lottery, I wouldn't tell you.

Speaking of last year's goals, I think I managed to nail about half:

1. Be more incognito. I managed to avoid being on national television three times (for three completely different things), but didn't avoid being in the New York Post. This lead to getting smack talked a bit on the internet, but I did not participate or get involved. Overall, I think I managed to not have much of a public image for the past year, so I'll consider this a win.

2. Talk less smack. This was a challenge and a struggle. It seems that, at heart, I'm kind of a hater. While I tried to be more diplomatic and not participate in slagging sessions, I would occasionally slip up. For example, I was at a benefit party one night and was introduced to a woman with whom I proceeded to make small talk. I said to her "Wow, this DJ kinda sucks, right?" and she said "That's my husband." Which really summarizes why I shouldn't talk smack: Because when it bites me in the ass it's super awkward. I think I neither entirely succeeded or failed at this. We'll call it 50/50.

3. Travel to a continent other than North America or Europe. FAIL! The only other country I went to was Canada and that barely even counts as another country.

4. Become knowledgable about wine. This I would call a success. I read a book, started keeping a wine journal, took a four week class and did some tastings. I managed to get my terminology down (all this time I had "dryness" confused with "tannins") and while I'm no sommelier, I can go into a wine store or look at a wine list and make selections based on criteria other than price and wild guessing. While I still can't seem to guess wines in blind tastings, I'm proud of the fact that I am even able to make educated guesses ("this oaky, buttery white must be a California Chardonnay! Wait... it's not? Well, at least I know that California Chardonnays are typically oaky and buttery!"). Since the point of learning about things is typically to enhance one's enjoyment of them, I would say that this endeavor was both successful and beneficial.

5. Read 30 books. WIN! I read 32 books, although several of them were pretty short.

6. Get a reservation at El Bulli. FAIL! I thought I was really on the ball with my ninja timing this year, but I still failed to get a reservation. The last legend I heard was that there are now 2 million people vying for the 7,500 reservations every year. So, since I couldn't get a reservation to "the world's best restaurant," I got a reservation to the best restaurant in the Americas instead and went to the French Laundry for my birthday.

And now, Goals for 2009!

Unfortunately, my top three goals are secret and I can't tell you what they are. So:

1. Secret!

2. Secret!

3. Secret!

4. Get in shape and drop my weight back down to 54kg / 120lbs.
Although I initially blamed my boyfriend for my weight gain, I think "middle age spread" and general lethargy is also at fault. I'm not sure what I weigh right now, but I presume I have 10-15 lbs. to lose. I'd like to go down a pants size and no longer look like I'm in the early stages of pregnancy.

5. Read 30 Books
It worked last year, it can work again!

6. Revamp Evilkid.com
Definitely time for a redesign. I've already been working on it. Have to actually execute.

7. Travel to a continent other than North America and Europe.
I'm just gonna carry this one over from last year.

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