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O hai livejournal, what's up?
Oh hey guys, how's it going?  I've been pretty slack about posting on here, which is lame since this is one of the only social networking media where anyone actually reads me.  Thank you for reading touch my heart.  

Anyway, I posted some stuffs on my other blog lately, like I say which albums I listened to the most in the 00's, then  I talk shit about a tote bag and get real about photoshop.
I also did a sort of rambly post about being a professional artist that may or may not have any sort of point.  I think I just wrote it in response to people who are like "I hate my job and wish I could make a living off my art" and how I feel like "Jeez, then, JUST DO IT ALREADY" but also feel, on a case-by-case basis that it probably won't work for a lot of people and they shouldn't go betting the farm.

Also I've been on twitter a lot which makes me chuckle sometimes because there are aspects of it that are SOOOO Livejournal circa 2003 with the cool-kid cliques and the drama and people quitting in a huff and then everybody stridently commenting on the drama and huffs.  As a former LJ 'cool kid" I think at first I was like "I HAVE TO BE A COOL KID!" and then I remembered that I have actual things to accomplish in real life and shouldn't be getting involved.

That is all for now.  Have to get back to work.

*throws down smoke bomb and disappears*

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I haven't gotten into any drama on Twitter yet.

The worst drama I got into was with a friend who ONLY posted political stuff except when he said "I really wish people would not post about food they eat." SO I DROPPED HIM.

When I started twitter I was all cavalier about adding and dropping people because I thought it was a more impersonal thing. Some people seems to get really bent out of shape about being dropped, though. I don't even know how they keep track.

most of the drama seems to center around and the people on it. I've been watching from a distance because it's entertaining in the "oh man, remember when that used to happen?" way.

... Then I remembered that I have actual things to accomplish in real life and shouldn't be getting involved ...

Heh! We miss yer drama! But I am so all about the quote above.

You could always use those eye drops that optometrists have, to make your pupils dilated-y.

In Scattergories, do you think I can get a point for "Phibes" under the letter "P" for the question "Villains/Monsters"? That was my answer, and it was disputed. (Or is the problem really more that the good doctor is a hero, not a villain?)

My expert opinion is that "Phibes" should totally count as a villain/monster.

I don't know if you're still on LJ or what, but I am back if you want to unpurge me.

ZOMG that is so true about the drama! I have to say though like livejournal I have made some amazing friends from it! maybe about 20 people that I would want to keep in touch with in my life!

I feel like a different person about internet sites too now. I was reading some livejournal entries from the past, up to about 2001 and I took it so seriously! now I am just relaxed, more chilled now. Its not really everything in your life! although I would never believe that circa 2003!

Someone told me that twitter brings out the best in people and I think that is true apart from a few crazy people! :)

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