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The musings of A.V. Phibes

I'm watching you, culture, and I don't approve.

A.V. Phibes
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I've had this journal for eight years and it's gotten a bit muddled and hasn't been the same since 2005 (yes, I'm sorry.)

BUT, I want to start using it to once again amuse you, so I have UNFRIENDED EVERYONE SO THAT I CAN FIGURE OUT WHO IS STILL ON HERE AND WHO IS NOT. I will be adding people back gradually. If you are still around, pipe up or unfriend and refriend me so you show up on my joule and I will friend you back.

I will keep you all filled in as I get my internet life in order.

Meanwhile, I have started a tumblr page for random stuff I find that amuses me:

And a twitter for my "deep thoughts":

I do not advise trying to facebook friend me because I am a fanatic about my facebook and really only want family and friends on there.

You can, however, facebook friend my cat:

or follow her twitter:

I will keep you all posted as things develop.